You need written content, but you also need to make it meaningful to your audience and stay loyal to your identity, all the while getting the message across – and that can be tricky. Besides relying on a professional for all the boring stuff of research and proofreading, Josine can also help you with maintaining consistency, coherence, and relevancy. 

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Event management

Event planning and organizing is already a service provided in brand activation or if you require a comprehensive communication plan. But in any case, this service may be requested on its own. Josine loves to open Excel spreadsheets to organize guests, send invitations, collect RSVPs and micromanage every last detail to make an occasion memorable.

Why fit in if you can stand out?

Josine Monalisa

Public & Press Relations

Being the most comprehensive service, it includes all the tasks that need to be meticulously completed by an experienced professional if you wish to set yourself apart from the competition. It includes: Email marketing creation and management, data base management, social media & digital strategy consulting, press releases writing and media relations. 

Photo & Video Production

Part of branded content creation, communicating visually can also be custom-created to meet the specific identity of a product, service, brand or idea. As we all know, a visual representation of what you wish to communicate is often more effective than words for certain mediums and audiences.

Nobody likes to see stock photos!

Josine Monalisa
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Branded Content & SEO

SEO strategy and its implementation is crucial for any online-based business or any product possible to be searched online – which is anything these days, really. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find new customers just because you can’t use a tool as powerful as SEO. Besides finding the right keywords for your online communication strategy, Josine can help you develop all the content needed to put such strategy in place. 

A brand is something for which communicating is more difficult than it seems to be.

Josine Monalisa