Previous Collaborations

The Communicator.

Josine sees herself as the vessel to the fruition of your ideas. Organizing a concept, creating a unique voice for your brand or expressing its identity online is her expertise. Passionate in telling a good story, she’s a creative mind with strategic logic. Josine creates and executes in Portuguese, English, and Italian, and is keen on maintaining a cohesive brand identity throughout all stages of any project or communication plan.


Her Network.

A pivotal element of Josine’s work is the network of like-minded artists she has built in her journey as a communicator. Josine likes to collaborate with key professionals and manages the team-work dynamic to each project’s fulfilment. Creating these synergies has proven to be crucial in the execution of each creative venture, as communication path is never made alone. 

Her agency.

Referrals from colleagues, friendly competitors, and mentors. 

Josine is the definition of a glass half full. Her optimism and commitment are one of the reasons I’d recommend her. But it’s her natural talent for communication and her experience in fashion that bring a solid foundation to any team.

Besides creative and professional, Josine is a compassionate person – which makes her ideal for any job that needs to be ethical in its core, all the while being straightforward, efficient, and getting things delivered very objectively.

The fact that Josine can read, write and create in three different languages effortlessly is very impressive. I also consider her to be very thorough when working, which is key to her business.

Her research skills prove that she is a resilient and passionate co-worker, willing to teach herself the necessary skills in order to complete any tasks within the reel of communications. 

Mobile forward & Engagement driven.

The nature of today’s communication is very much digital based, with mobile content being on the forefront of it. Having that said, this service is key for establishing your demographics, creating (and the maintaining consistency of) a personal brand, as well as retaining an audience.